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Tati Custom Specialised Software Development

Make life simpler through technology innovation.

We believe in using the best in technology innovation to improve business processes, increase efficiency by cutting cost while increasing productivity. Automate manual processes and use your customer data to understand your products and customers better with data analytics solutions.

Software Development

We provide complete solution from concept development to engineering design and maintenance of your software product - included both front-end, interface and back-end.

Data Analytics

We develop data anaytics models for machine learning to help you analyse, study and get valuable insights from your organisational data. We help you use your data to determine the best use of your limited resources for maximum efficiency.

Distributed Ledgers

We are a leading company in blockchain based architecture and design of data networks. Whether you are working on a small private blockchain network, multi-organisational permissioned network or public network, let us help you bring your blockchain product to life.

We are a level 1 BB-BEE contributor

We are fully 100% black-female owned and managed company. We employ local resources and train and develop local developers to upskill previously disadvantaged individuals and create jobs.

If you can imagine it, we can build it - whether you want to fully automate your household equipment or an entire business process, eliminate paperwork and manual intervention - you have come to the right place.

The complete Project Delivery Approach

We execute every project with our unique "Project Delivery Approach", adapting the best practices in project management - in Information Technology Projects. We walk with our clients through the process, from concept development to handover, to maintenance of your software project.

We do not own the IP on your software or charge licencing fees - We build your software as you require it and handover upon beneficial operation to you, when the product delivers what it was designed for.

We also provide Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions where required by the client. Just get in touch and give us your product spefications.


We offer the following services, if you do not find what you are looking for, leave us a message so we can design your unique product.

Data Management

Let us build your secure database, whether on a single server or distributed servers. We will ensure data security, manage access control and data reliability on a flexible and high perfomance cloud based solution with 99% uptime.

Internet of Things

We build online networks for connected devices, whether interactive or simple reporting and data logging. We develop software for smart houses, security systems and industry equipment that need to be connected to the internet and to each other.

Predictive Models

We build software and computer code that can analyse a set of data, learn from it and build models that can be used in future to predict behaviour and results. Use your history data to help predict future behaviour in product sales, marketing effectiveness and pricing.


We are a leading blockchain software development company, specialising in enterprise and business blockchains that connect - multiple organisations that are tracking the same assets or ledger within a closed permissioned network.

Websites, WebApps, MobileApps

We build centralised and decentralised applications - on the web or mobile devices. We build static websites and dynamic websites according to your specifications and requirements.

Innovation and Tech Advisory

We also offer consultancy serices billed on an hourly rates, to advise you on your next digital project. We offer customised training where required for your staff. Our founders are also available for conference bookings and talks.

Why choose us?

Complete Project Management

For a complete Engineering and Project Management solution, you own your IP. No licencing fees.

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Leaders in Innovation

We make life simpler through technology innovation. We are not just developers, we partner with you to produce the best innovative solution.

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Exceptional Team

Our team is comprised of the best professional developers and project managers, we only hire the best to give you the best.

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Our Portfolio

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App - Smart Koloi

Connected Car Tech with IoT. Mobile device capable of recording and transmitting car location, driving habbits and traffic incidents direclty to the blockchain/cloud database.

Ethereum Smart Contract

Etherum smart contract developed with Solidity. This smart contract allows for smart donations you can track source and contributors and request for refund.

Ujamaa Tourism Association

Built WEB application for Ujamaa Tourism Association, that displays information about the Association and Members. In addition, new members can apply for membership on the web-app and keep track of their applications. The web-front end is connected to a real-time Rethink Database hosted on the cloud.

The Tati Shop

eCommerce Web Application for The Tati Shop. Used Shopify platform to build and host the website. Also managed the Social Media Pages, Digital Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

App - GetBitcoinsNow

Cryptocurrency price tracking, based on 100 top cryptocurencies by market-cap. Multiple currencies and API requests in one app. Added cryptocurrency portfolio tracking feature.

Ethereum Smart Contract

Ethereum Smart contract written in Solidity and deployed to Ethereum test-net. See how Smart contracts work by testing this greeting application with test ether.

App - Social Media

Private Social Media between friends, post blogs, status updates, pictures uploaded to online database, real-time chat and communication between friends.

Raspberry PI + 3G

Electronic device constructed with Rapberry PI and a GPS module, Accelerometer & Cell Module to retrieve required data from vehicle OBD port and transmit them to a cloud database or blockchain directly without going through an intermediary server.

Raspberry PI + 3G

Electronic device constructed with Rapberry PI and a GPS module, Accelerometer & Cell Module to retrieve required data from vehicle OBD port and transmit them to a cloud database or blockchain directly without going through an intermediary server.

Smart Documentation

Documentation Website for Blockchain and Smart Contract website showing users and developers step-by-step how to interact with the website.

Sokoni Business Marketplace

The award winning Sokoni web application built on Python and connected to a Real-Time Database hosted in a cloud, run from container - ensuring fast and relaiable access to data in real-time to display on website.

Corporate Business Website

A corporate business website, combining the latest in CSS, SCSS, Javascript and Python to deliver a responsive - sharp, neat and dynamic website.


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