MIC Khulisani Ventures Applications

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    web app


Technologies used in this project are: Python, Django, HTML, JS,
Client website

Detailed Description

MIC Khulisani Ventures is Mineworkers Investment Company’s early-stage investment vehicle, providing capital for businesses that are ready to aggressively expand and increase their market footprint.

The Client request was to build an online portal to enable any business to submit funding applications for the MIC Khulisani Ventures Fund, which was values at R150 million. Tati Digital engaged with the client and other partners to scope, build, deploy and maintain the web application for the duration of the applications. 


The client requests included the following capabilities which were incorporated in to the application.

  • Complete registration, login, forgot password user authentication system
  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) functionalities on multiple data tables (see the application features below)
  • An admin access dashboard for the client to review applications 
  • In-app email capabilities - send users emails at certain parts of the application process


The following main features were included in the application

(1) Users should be able to create accounts, log in and logout as they please with the application progress saved. Attach documents as required

(2) Client should have admin portal with ability to download applications, view data analytics to measure the demographics, industry type and other variables of the companies making applications.