SaaS Development

Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) refers to the model of software distribution in which an internet-based cloud provider hosts applications and makes them accessible via the Internet. Many industries use SaaS-based applications, including financial services, banks, health facilities, communications, education, manufacturers etc.

Why SaaS is Important for a Business?

SaaS offers several benefits for a business. We offer one of the best value propositions in terms of cost, scalability and availability, agility, accessibility, even integration. These are easy to use extensive benefits to your business.

Software as a Service SaaS Development
  • Multi-tenancy

    A multi-tenant software architecture allows one installation of an application to serve several customers. Each client is referred to as a tenant.

    The application may permit tenants to customize some parts of it, this has become such a common practice that it has been divided into database areas that are specific to each tenant, or it may have different schema in the same database or it may have different schemas located inside separate databases

  • High availability

    The availability of SaaS applications should be really high because they are shared by multiple tenants. Webuild SaaS applications that provide a high degree of SLA for our clients.

  • Data Security

    We make it our top priority to protect the data from being accessed by unauthorised personel. SaaS applications are built to be shared by many tenants, data protection is in high demand.

    It is necessary to enable encrypted storage for specific types of data for a specific tenant, but the data should not be visible to another tenant.

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  • Secure and protected

    Rest assured that your data will be highly secured.

  • State of art hardware

    Built from scratch by our team of engineers.

  • Dedicated support

    You will have dedicated team member.

  • Regulary updated

    Our software are contantly updated.

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