Skhokho Business Management Software

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Technologies used in this project are: Django, Python, HTML,
Client website

Detailed Description

Skhokho is a Business Management Software (BMS) created for small (1-20 employees) to medium sized employees (20 -500 employees). The software is cloud based, Software as a Service that allows their users to access their company information, collaborate on projects and work tasks from anywhere.

Application Capabilities

The client requests included the following capabilities which were incorporated in to the application.

  • Complete registration, login, forgot password user authentication system
  • Functionality to login with a Google profile
  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) functionalities on multiple data tables (see the application features below)
  • Full Documentation website -
  • Payment processing with Yoco (Local South Africal Payments) and Paypal (International Payments)

Web Application Features

The following main features were included in the application

(1) Human Resource Management Software - The ability to create user profiles, store HR files, manage leave records, HR policies

(2) Meeting Management Software - create meeting records, send out meeting invites, google calendar integration

(3) Goal setting with Objective Key Results (OKRs) - Create objectives and Key Results, track goals with progress indicators, create and manage OKR tasks

(4) Project task and milestone management software - create and manage project tasks and milestones 

(5) Sales and CRM software - Manage leads, group marketing emails

(6) Accounting Management Software - Manage accounting records and reports