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Python based dynamic web apps

Tati Digital brings you, Python based dynamic web applications for your business. When normal static websites reach their limits, when you need real-time dynamic data, databases web portals, login managements, advanced authorisation, web scrapping, API intergration, document uploads, data hosting and much more.

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web applications

Award Winning Services
SITA Govtech Awards 2019

Our applications have been nominated for various Awards in the industry including the prestigious SITA Govtech Awards 2019. Our web based application Sokoni Business Market was nominated for and got runner up for the SMME Start-Ups awards. Sokoni utilises a real-time cloud based database to store, manage and compute SMME data, in order to match small businesses with potential clients.

Sokoni also offers various services for SMMEs, which include: (1) Invoice generation, (2) Storage of company documents and cetificates, (3) Verification of company documents, (4) Professional quotation generation for Small businesses, (5) Tracking all business quotes and invoices in one place, (6) Search for tenders online and much more.

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award winning web applications

Content Management Systems
Multi Vendor Learning Platform

We also created the online cloud based multi-vendor learning platform like Udemy, called Skolo Online Learning. In addition to allowing the website creator to upload video based learning content, any willing content producer can create a profile and produce their own learning content to upload on the system.

This is called a multi-vedor learning platform, and uses advanced data and content management - database architecture to manage all the content that is uploaded by various teachers - to serve it to the specific learners, who have paid for the content.

Only learners who have paid for a specif course, can view course content. Teachers can track learners, their revenue generated and get paid accordingly. If you would like a web application like this one, use the chatbox below to schedule an online appoitment to discuss further.

multi vendor learning web application

Web Application Features
Application Architecture

All our web applications use Python programming language, because of the flexibility, versatility and simplicity of Python and its libraries. We use all open source libraries and software, we provide source code at the end of the project or can continue to manage the application and code on the client behalf.

Server, Cloud Based Applications
All our applications are cloud based, the database and computing server will be hosted on a cloud server that meets our required specifications. If the client would like to maintain and manage their own application going forward, they must provide the cloud server that meets our specifications at their own cost. If we manage the application on the client behalf, we will provide everything that is required for the application to function.

Application Architecture
All our applications follow best practices in app design. The application module is separate from the database module, allowing independent upgrades or future changes to one module, without affecting the other. The application front-end will be simple website or dashboard in HTML and CSS, depending in the application requirements.
Based on our app architecture - the client can in future add any other front-end to the same application, such as a mobile app, utlising the same database. We do not cover mobile applications, but will provide documentation - for the client to be able to utilise an API end-point to access the database from other front-end design types - such as mobile apps.

API and Documentation
As discussed above, we can provide API intergration documentation for the database, if required for the client to allow other developers to intergrate and work with the application database.

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