e Commerce Website Design

Do you want to start selling stuff online? Looking for an affordable CMS for eCommerce?

Our Wordpress WooCommerce websites are designed to help you get started with e Commerce and start selling stuff online, with minimal effort at affordable, transparent pricing.


Why you need
e Commerce?

The world is constantly changing, the number one reason whey your business needs is e commerce is market reach. With e-Commerce, you can move from selling your products to a few people who can find your physical store to a global audience. Think of Alibaba, Amazon and even Takealot.

We have e-commerce solutions to fit any business requirements, we can build your online store for selling, just one item, a set of items or even multiple product categories. We simplify eCommerce development, so you dont have to worry about the details.

Below are some of the features we include in our WooCommerce, eCommerce solutions.

Want to create an online store but have no products or stock? We can build you a fully automated dropshipping e-commerce store that will allow you to get products for your store from suppliers on Aliexpress. When clients make a purchase on your store, your suppliers will fulfil the orders and you pay the suppliers. Allowing you to be the middle-man in the supply chain.

Payment Method Intergration
We will build your online store fully intergrated with payment methods like Payfast and Paypal. You will be able to receive credit card payments, instant EFT and many more solutions offered by Payfast and Paypal.

Digital Marketing Tools
We will intergrate your store with popular digitial marketing tools such as Facebook marketing, eMail marketing with Mailchimp and Google Shopping via Google Merchant Center. You will then be able to create marketing campaigns with Facebook and google shopping, to help drive paid traffic to your new e-commerce store. We will also sync your WooCommerce product catalog with Google Shopping and Facebook Shopping to ensure that your product list and pricing remain up to date across all these platforms.


Features of an
eCommerce Store

✅You can sell anything online, from physical items, downloadable products or even services example: doctor consultations online, coaching services etc.

✅Shorter time to market and lower overhead costs. It is relatively cheaper and quicker to set up and online store, which means you can quickly and easily test new products and markets while finding your niche.

✅You can operate your business from home and sell to anyone, anywhere in the world. And if you find an ideal niche e-commerce can be a very profitable business.

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